Retrofit Over Existing Built-Up Roof

Commercial property owners facing a possible roof replacement can be worried about the price, but there’s a great option for damaged commercial roofs that need major repairs: a retrofit roof over an existing built-up roof.  To get a new commercial roof that will last, you need to contract with a reputable local roofing company with experience in your area.

Commercial Roofers, Inc, Las Vegas NV’s Roof Retrofitting Experts

Since 1996, we’ve been serving the Las Vegas Valley, Nevada with the highest quality commercial roofing services from the most highly trained roofing professionals in the area. We have a 24/7 service department ready to take calls from our valued customers about commercial roof repairs, and we’ll gladly schedule a roof inspection to see if a retrofit is the right option for your built-up roof system.

Why Retrofit Over an Existing Built-Up Roof?

Built-up roof systems, called BUR, are uniquely suited for retrofitting because they’re already made up of several layers, so a new flat roof coating is a great way to add protection without the expense of a full roof replacement. Here’s why.

  • Fast Installation Process

    Every moment you can’t use your commercial building is money lost, so getting quick and efficient commercial roof repairs are important.

  • Complete Waterproofing & Protection

    A new roof system will be designed to fill in cracks, repairing leaks and providing additional protection against UV rays and water.

  • Longer Lifespan

    Getting a singly ply roof membrane like EPDM roofing retrofit over an existing BUR roof extends the life of your roof by decades.

  • More Ecologically Sound

    Commercial roofs are, in general, much larger than residential roofs, so the amount of roofing materials that needs to be removed is greater. Getting a roof retrofit keeps those materials out of a landfill.

To see if a new roof retrofit to your existing roof is a good idea, contact Commercial Roofers, Inc to discuss your project!

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