Metal Roofing

There are more options for commercial roofs than many property owners think. While flat roofing options like roof coatings are common, metal roofing systems can give your commercial building a modern look while providing superior waterproofing and insulation.

For the best metal roof options in Nevada, Commercial Roofers, Inc is the premier roofing company, with the most completed roofing projects in the greater Las Vegas NV area. Let us walk you through how metal roofing materials can upgrade your building.

Commercial Metal Roof FAQ

  • Why Choose Metal Roofing?

    Metal roofs offer distinct advantages over other roofing types for commercial buildings. For one, they give the building a sleek, modern look. A metal roof also provides superior protection against UV rays and allows for multiple insulations options underneath the metal roofing materials.

  • What are some Metal Roof Options?

    • Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems – These kinds of metal roofs are made up of metal panels with interlocking seams that are visible, or “standing.”
    • Retrofit Metal Roofing – For aging commercial roofs, retrofitting a metal roof system on top of existing roofing can be a very economical long term solution.
    • Curved Metal Roof Systems – Whether used for an accent roof such as an entryway or dormers or used over the whole building, curved metal roofs give a very modern look with added energy efficiency.
    • Metal Shingles & Tiles – These provide the aesthetic of tiles or shingles with the advantages of metal roofing systems.
  • Where are Metal Roofs Used?

    Metal roofing can be useful for all sorts of building types in various markets, including:

    • Hospitality
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial
    • Residential Developers
    • Religious Organizations

Commercial Roofers, Inc: Nevada’s Trusted Metal Roofing Experts

With Commercial Roofers, local clients can rest assured that they’re getting the highest quality roofing materials, workmanship, and level of customer service.

For the highest quality metal roof options, contact Commercial Roofers, Inc, Las Vegas NV’s premier roofing company.

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