So your commercial roof has some serious damage going on, should you tear it off and replace or get a commercial re-roof? This is a serious question that needs the advice of the most trusted commercial roofing company in your area.

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Since 1996, Commercial Roofers, Inc. has been serving the greater Las Vegas Nevada area with the safest professional commercial roofing services. We’ve seen all different types of roofing, and we’ve got experience with a wide range of commercial roofing materials. We can protect your assets with the highest quality roofing at the best price.

Commercial Re-Roofing FAQ

    • What is a re-roof?

      Simply, re-roofing is installing a brand new roofing system on top of the existing roofing system, without removing it. This takes commercial roofing expertise, but also uses the latest flat roof coatings.

    • Benefits of a Re-Roof vs. Complete Roof Replacement

      • Cost – Removing an existing commercial roof is very labor-intensive, which contributes to cost. Re-roofing avoids this.
      • Time – It is much faster to apply a flat roof coating or other roof system on top of a leaking commercial roof.
      • Value – In addition to fixing roof problems, a re-roof can add value to your commercial roof.
    • Are there legal concerns for a commercial re-roof?

      Most municipal building codes only allow two roofing systems on commercial roofs. While this may seem discouraging, professional commercial roofers can apply roof systems that are legally considered “roof maintenance.” That’s why it’s so important to call a professional commercial roofer!

Commercial Re-Roof Options

There are lots of options for re-roofing a commercial building, including:

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