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Since 1996, Commercial Roofers Inc has been Laughlin NV’s premier commercial roofing contractor not only because of our experience in roofing and construction but also because of our dedication to superior workmanship on every waterproofing or commercial roofing job. We are a full service roofing company that can tackle waterproofing, new roof construction, commercial roof maintenance, and roof repair services in communities all over Nevada.

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Commercial Roofers, Inc. has over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We have a safety record among the best in the industry, with full time Safety Director, Mauricio Mercado, CSHM who aggressively enforces our program. Our customer base is comprised of quality-conscious people that want an excellent job completed on budget. Repeat clientele accounts for 95% of business with a 99% certified approval rating.
  • Our roofing business works on repeat clientele, with 95% of our clients coming back for more roof services and giving us a 99% approval rating.
  • Our company leaders have a combined half a century of experience in the roofing industry, which lets us tackle a wide variety of commercial roof types and materials.
  • Our roofing contractors are bonded, certified by roofing manufacturers, and fully licensed for all roofing work in Nevada, California, Utah, and Arizona.

Enjoy Scenic Laughlin NV

Considered a resort town like nearby Las Vegas, Laughlin NV is an unincorporated township, also known as a census-designated place. This means that the town is considered its own community by census takers, but it doesn’t have independent municipal services like an incorporated town. The municipal concerns of the town are taken care of by the Clark County Commission. That doesn’t mean that Laughlin doesn’t have any services, as there are plenty of parks and amenities for residents as well as hotels, casinos, and resorts in the town catering to tourists.

Founded in the 1940s as South Pointe, the township of Laughlin also has historic resorts such as the Riverside Resort, opened in the 1960s by Don Laughlin, a club owner from Las Vegas. Many more resorts and casinos followed, and shuttle boats brought visitors from Bullhead City, Arizona, which sits across the Colorado River from Laughlin. In the 1980s, the Laughlin Bridge was built to connect the two towns. Today, Laughlin is a gambler’s paradise, but also has a lot of beautiful natural features and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. The Riverwalk Trail has a beautiful view of the Colorado River, and the Greenway Park & Trails on the river is a beautiful open space with hiking trails, making Laughlin NV a fun place to visit no matter what you like.

Most Common Commercial Flat Roof Types in Nevada

Clark County NV business owners looking to get a new commercial roof installed or better protect their assets with a new flat roof system need to understand their options and the most common commercial flat roof types in Nevada.

In Laughlin NV and surrounding communities in Arizona and Nevada, Commercial Roofers Inc is the most experienced roofing company, and we have experience with a wide variety of commercial flat roofing types. We’re dedicated to helping local business owners improve their properties, so we’ve put together this handy guide to commercial flat roofing.

Nevada Commercial Flat Roof Types

  • Modified Bitumen Roofing

    A classic and popular flat roofing material, modified bitumen is made up of several layers of fireproof fabric soaked with bitumen, or asphalt, and topped with mineral granules like a traditional roofing shingle.

  • Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

    BUR roofing systems consist of layers similar to modified bitumen roofing that are built up to provide extra protection. Each layer has a specific purpose like insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing, or UV ray protection.

  • Single Ply Roofing Membranes

    Roofing membranes are one layer, as the name implies, and they’re made from specialized plastics to be durable and lightweight. Materials include rubberized roofing like EPDM, PVC, and thermoplastic or TPO.

  • Silicone & Foam Flat Roof Coatings

    Flat roof coatings are liquid products instead of sheets or membranes, and they’re applied to the roof by spraying or spreading with squeegees. They can be applied over other flat roof systems for waterproofing.

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